What Is Orthodontic Practice Management Software?

Since 2020, the circle of medical services has been encountering the most extreme difficulties, calling for sped-up improvement and digitalization.

In this unique circumstance, the presence of training the executives programming for the orthodontic field fits the medical services computerized change pattern in 2021.

Specifically, the advancement adds to the more compelling work of dental specialists and their better correspondence with patients, alongside establishing the climate of powerful development and mechanization. Captivated?

Check our overview of what the orthodontic management software is and what to expect from this technology in 2021 in terms of must-have features, expected advantages, and implementation peculiarities.


What Is Orthodontic Practice Management Software?

In essence, orthodontic management software is the set of tools specially designed for dental offices to facilitate the specialists’ work.

These systems can do many things, including managing CBCT and cephalometric files and demonstrating the results of a treatment plan before putting them into action.

The prime objectives are to increase the effectiveness of orthodontists and to improve communication with patients.

Optionally, the orthodontic practice management software functionality can be empowered by other technologies, including mobile health, telemedicine, Internet of Medical Things, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain, or robotic automation.

This way, you’ll already get the IT solution that will affect not only daily but also large-scale operations in your clinic.

Why Do You Need Management Software For Orthodontic Practice?

With technological assistance in managing the orthodontic practice, your workers can get support for the main activities done in the clinic.

In particular, the technology lets arranging appointments, filing and storing essential information, establishing document correspondence with patients, and checking the daily tasks.

All in all, this tool facilitates your everyday work with numerous benefits and helpful features.

Here are the things you can instantly do in software designed for orthodontic practice management:

  • Check financial data
  • View the snapshot of each patient’s balance and payment status
  • Schedule medical notifications
  • Be aware of the patient’s safety situation
  • Record patient visits and treatment status
  • Install the treatment plan
  • Integrate images and graphs
  • Check the treatment progress and make instant adjustments
  • Manage documentation and other dental-related data
Two woman look at the tooth picture on a tablet at dentist office

Key Benefits Of Orthodontic Practice Management Software

  1. based solution that mimics the way orthodontics work. After training, you can rely on the machine as your true assistant.
  2. Remote access. The tool is transportable and its functionality lets you work anywhere. In addition, you can share essential information with your patients without the need to send separate files from different doctors — the software securely stores everything in one place.
  3. Document management. The technology allows maintaining patient files, enhancing exam effectiveness, and implementing recorded treatment plans. Again, direct access to all the information needed in one place is guaranteed.
  4. Efficiency. Paperless flow enables easier task management and improves overall performance. Without the need to cope with numerous papers, all the routine tasks can be done faster and more accurately, especially once your orthodontic practice management software is linked with other healthcare applications.
  5. Cost and time optimization. The software for orthodontic practice management is an effective tool in saving time for orthodontists, letting them perform their routine tasks faster and performing better.
  6. Better accuracy. The software lets you create detailed treatment plans that include all the relevant details and images.
  7. Faster decision-making. With the software for orthodontic practice, all the doctors can work in one place, which enables instant adjustments in the treatment plans without the need to clarify and negotiate on the current status and progress with them in person.
  8. Better patient awareness. The technology lets patients see the whole picture of the treatment progress and expected outcomes at each stage.
Female patient sitting in a dentist chair and making professinal hygien

Features Of Orthodontic Practice Management Software

  1. Patient photographs. The technology allows arranging and flexibly editing all the photos and X-ray images done. For example, you can switch between different viewing modes and link the pictures with treatment recommendations for making easy-to-use and clear patient reports.
  2. Comfortable records appointment. The software for orthodontic practice management enables making automated intraoral records, which saves time and increases patient treatment accuracy. In this case, the technology applied is integrated CS 3600.
  3. Integrated word processing. Within the software, you can manage communication with patients and referrals and access images and charts directly.
  4. Treatment plan tool. The exact features in this section may include slideshow viewer, the ability to overlay images, movie player and editor, before-and-after comparison, stretching, red-eye reduction, and online support.
  5. Analysis module. This useful feature for ceph tracing provides all the necessary guidance and detection of landmark points. The software includes several analysis modes and the ability to customize your own mode.
  6. Planner module. In ortho software, you can make predictions and track the progress of the prescribed treatment plan. What’s more, the planning module allows comparing several treatment plans at once.
  7. Aesthetic tool. The visual representation of the expected outcome facilitates mutual understanding between doctors and patients.